new open-source web hosting control panel

I have not found much on this subject since my last post, so instead of continuing to wait for someone else to do it I have started working on a new open-source web hosting control panel (alternative to Plesk, cPanel, etc).

All the work is in my local repo, but I will be pushing to github as milestones are hit.

I want to get the basics right, and not worry right now about competing feature-for-feature with the big guys:

  • basic file management
  • configure apache, stop/start server
  • allow (and enthusiastically support!) plugins. I am using django/python, should be no problem.

That’s for the user-facing side, the backend takes care of scaling across multiple hosts (on-demand scaling), billing, activating/deactivating accounts, you get the idea.

What do you want to see in a free, open-source web hosting control panel? Leave a comment or feel free to email me – – Thanks!

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  1. Josh Gachnang Says:

    I’ve considered doing the same thing, especially after I fell in love with Django/Python. For me, I’d love to see easy hooks into Amazon’s Flexible Payment Service (very fond of it) for the billing aspect. The thing I used most on shared hosting and miss most on dedicated hosting was a good alternative to Fantastico. I’ve scripted a lot of the installs, but hey, nothing beats having that done for you and maintained. BTW, if you need a good example of a user friendly control panel, check out Dreamhost’s custom written one. It blows cPanel out of the water! Happy coding and I’ll be eagerly awaiting updates!

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